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Our Services


Architecture & Master Planning

Architecture is the transformation of a given site to a favourable space. We channelize the project program to create the project at the site in collaboration with other consultants and the site team. We offer clients a full range of architectural design services, from concept through construction in large scale development that includes- residences, industries, institutions, IT and hospitality.

We address requirements and constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity and artistry — designing buildings that make a statement, conserve natural resources and enrich the human experience. Our firm includes experts in sustainable design, code compliance, contract administration, and building information modelling who contribute to our projects and create a truly collaborative process.


Residences - Architecture & Interiors

We believe that a residence should comprehend the user’s activities and requirements in the most efficient way. Our firm ensures each residence is crafted with an identity that reverberates the user’s character and requirements. We offer continual services that start from the concept stage to the skilful composition of original designs.

We believe that the interior spaces influence the users just like the building envelope. Many undermine the importance of interior spaces. We see it as a chance to create aspects that influence one’s day-to-day function, and in the larger picture enhance one’s life. We explore and intelligently use various elements and materials to enrich the user experience. The details are diligently worked for a customized easy life. Beyond selecting colours and lighting and furniture, we see our role as imagining how people will interact with and be affected by a space, and how we can enrich their time in it. 


Commercial Interiors

We provide professional design and planning of interior spaces for commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. We strive to create functional, attractive, and efficient spaces that meet the needs of the business and its customers while also reflecting the brand and identity of the company. We work with clients to determine their needs and preferences, and then develop design concepts that meet those requirements. We create floor plans, select materials and finishes, choose furniture and fixtures, and coordinate the installation of the design.


Commercial interior design services are essential for businesses that want to create attractive and functional spaces that meet the needs of their employees and customers. A well-designed interior space can improve productivity, enhance brand recognition, and attract and retain customers.


Sustainability Consultancy

A sustainable built environment is a multidisciplinary field in which all design elements interact with each other to create a positive impact on the planet. We work closely with architects from an early stage of building design to optimize energy uses and enhance occupant comfort with the help of building performance simulations and tools. We analyze daylight, wind, water, energy, and comfort metrics to achieve a high-performance building design. We also facilitate projects to obtain Green Building Ratings such as GRIHA, IGBC, LEED, etc., and ECBC compliance.

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